Why Climb the Mountain?

I often find myself wondering why. The question, "Why?", can apply to anybody for just about any decision we are faced with. We are all motivated to do things for many different reasons. For most of us, we face that question just for daily tasks that don't have much of a long term impact. But what about those mountains? We inevitably reach points in life that feel like we have a mountain to conquer. Why should we put in all that effort and sacrifice our time, money, energy, etc. in order to climb that mountain?

Personally... I do it for the view. It's because if I don't do it, nothing changes. The challenge is what represents growth. If I don't embrace the challenge, I won't appreciate the good that comes from it on the other side. The experience of pursuing the "mountain" is something that will stick with me forever. And the view from the top, well, its essential. It is essential to feeling like I am alive and living a life of joy and passion.

I encourage anyone reading this to find a way to pursue a passion and find the joy in life. That can come in many forms. If you are not sure what that looks like for you, take some time to reflect on it. We are all capable of having dreams and pursuing those dreams. What is your mountain, what do you need to climb it, and what lies on the other side?

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