Pent up?

I know the feeling. Muscles, chest, mind all feeling tight. Feeling like there is too much to do, so many things to accomplish. Trying to keep up with all that life presents. Whew, what a feeling. Yeaaahhh, not so much. You know what feels better? A deep breath. Fill up the lungs with some air and breathe it out, heeeaaavvvyyy (feel free to make sound effects).

At work or anywhere social and feel like that might be weird? Try it, I dare you. A lot of those pent up feelings can be resolved by breath. Be conscious of it and intentional. I challenge you to take that breath even if it feels awkward or inappropriate. Just do it (Nike even says it and that's a billion dollar brand ;). Since when should your breath be the issue! Breathe deep and often no matter what the situation. And go live out your feelings that make you feel free. The world will be a better place if you do.

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