Mountain metaphor

I don't think it's any secret that my philosophy surrounding training and nutrition is closely tied to the natural world. Richard Louv, Jon Krakauer, John Muir, Robert Frost, Henry David Thoreau, among many other writers have inspired me for a long time. The outdoors, forests, rivers, and mountains are closely tied to how I approach health and wellness. For starters, the natural world inspires and fulfills me. The ability of our world to adapt to change, overcome challenges, and evolve is amazing. The human body and mind are equally, if not more, adaptable and capable of change. Perseverance, hope, and creativity are qualities that live within us all and when we tap into that part of our make-up, it allows us to do great things.

If our natural world was resistant to change, life would have dissolved long ago (sorry for the morbidity😏). My point being, if we are open and receptive to change and challenges, just as our natural world is, we can all take steps toward being a better version of ourselves. When we do that, we can be part of a positive movement in every other phase of our lives. Pursue the things that inspire you so that you can inspire others and keep reaching for your peak.

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