Live, Life, 202.....

The end of the year. The year we can all forget. Well, maybe it wasn't unforgettable. Maybe it was. I thought we all endured a lot this year, and even if you didn't, you probably know somebody who did. I'd like to remember this year as the year of strength. It certainly wasn't an easy one, but I'm very impressed by the strength so many showed to keep going.

Living this life means something different for everyone. I think we all showed one thing in common this year, though. We all want life to continue. Even in our darkest moments, we hope for something better. I congratulate all those who kept trying, kept looking for a way to move forward, and ways to make life great. It wasn't easy this year, but we all showed a lot of depth of character.

Let's keep striving for something, and more importantly, strive to encourage others. If we can all do this for each other, we'll keep things moving forward. I wouldn't have gotten through this year in a good place except for the support and encouragement from special people in my life. Who are your people and who can you encourage? Let's make that a starting point for a new year. We got this...and if you don't, we got you!

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