Charm City indeed!

Alright, so I've been loving my new city. Impressed with the food and culture and learning (slowly, but surely) some great running routes and even playgrounds to have fun with my young one! Making a move from Maine was a huge change for myself and family. We had a lot of excitement going into it and continue to feel excited about what's to come. That being said, making changes is difficult. We are still processing the change and have experienced a roller coaster of emotions throughout the transition. At the end of the day, however, we know we made a decision that is beneficial for us in the long run. I would equate this to the decision to make any life changes, especially when it comes to your personal wellness. It can feel easier and comforting to stick to the norm, there's no doubt about that. BUT....No matter the challenge and difficult emotions that come along with it, if it benefits you overall, big changes can be worth going through with. I've learned that emotions, while they can be strong, are temporary, change is inevitable, and often times the toughest changes to make are the ones that end up being the most rewarding. Love who you are and do what you love!

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